"Vaping has never been easier"
E-Cigarette Web & Print Ad Campaign


DS Distribution began as a startup company in 2015 as an eCommerce retail site focusing on electronic cigarettes/vaporizers and tobacco-related products. I was brought on initially as the sole in-house Graphic Designer; quickly, they expanded to B2B as well, and I was given the role of Lead/Senior Graphic Designer and management of a team of several other graphic designers, videographers, and photographers.


For this campaign, I established a dual-pronged strategy, segmenting the advertisements to prospective and existing customers. To prospective customers, we established ourselves as a trusted and easy to use eCommerce site, to existing customers, we advertised a revamped filter menu to enhance their customization experience through a sale. The prospective customers were targeted through a segmented PPC retargeted web ads through partner channels. I wanted these banners to utilize bold colors through product photography. The existing customers were targeted through home page web banners, email blasts, and print package inserts for newly purchased items. This was intended to promote the customizable nature of vaporizers, which can be modified to the customer’s needs.


DS Distribution
For my role as in-house lead designer (2015-2017)




Print package insert
Web ad banners
Home page banners
E-Mail blast


Photogrpahy Direction
Art Direction

The colors for this campaign segment were much more muted and welcoming, utilizing neutrals paired with bright, light colors.

I wanted the copy that targeted existing our customers to focus on the idividualized, personalizable nature of the product; the aim was to encourage the customer to take advantage of our sale to experience the new filter menu, allowing them to find the right product for unique sizes, shapes, and colors of vaporizer accessories.

The yellow and blue was selected after A/B testing, yielding a higher CTR and conversion than the other tested color pairings.

Using AdRoll to reach new customers, we utilized retargeting (semgented targets) to capture potential customers.

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I am a Graphic and Web Designer living in the NY/NJ area. I have received a total of eight consecutive years of education on graphic design with nearly six years of working as both a freelance designer and an in-house designer.

I started my journey to design at the rigorous Bergen Technical Institute, a high school which focused on strong technical skills. I was pushed in this direction after being fascinated by web typography, experimenting with HTML and CSS at the age of eight. I built this responsive portfolio site using my skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.



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