2016 Rutgers BFA Thesis Gallery Show


After my BFA in Fine Arts, I was contacted by my alma matter (Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of Fine Arts) to help the graduating visual arts students brand and advertise for their thesis gallery show. The title of the show, Feast or Famine, was chosen by the students as a reflection of the “sink or swim” feeling of entering the world after graduating. The students, which ranged from graphic design to sculpture, felt as if a future after fine arts schooling was either going to be a feast, bountiful and successful—or a famine, the chaotic life of a starving artist.


For the marketing strategy, I presented the concept of featuring students’ work that reflected this uneasy feeling of Feast or Famine. Artist Allison Scalera created the main imagery, a bold and exciting orange and black swirl. The wordmark, a stacked sans serif, balances a thin and sleek font face with a commanding caps title. I created the layout for the posters, wall vinyl, tote bags, pin buttons, and direct-mail postcards; I supervised the silk-screening of the posters and tote bags. I also directed the students in creating the website and accompanying web assets. This included social media posts, web banners, and email blast assets that were sent through official Rutgers channels.


In collaboration with Rutgers' 2016 BFA students, including artists: Krystina Suarez, Allison Scalera, and Ian DeFalco.




Art Direction


Wordmark design
Poster Layout
Art direction for postcards, tote bags, pins & website

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Silk screened posters

Working with the gallery show artists, I set the tone for the imagery to be energetic and chaotic and collaborating artists delivered great accompanying imagery. The posters were silk screened at the Brodsky Center in New Brunswick, NJ.

Postcards & Pins

Postcards and pins were made utilizing external vendors. The postcards were used before and during the gallery show, whereas the pins were given out on the day of the opening.

Tote Bag

Student Krystina Suarez utilized the Brodsky Center to silk screen tote bags for the gallery opening.

Wall Signage

On-campus vinyl printing facilities were utilized for the wall signage.


My wireframes for a simple one-page site were coded by several students.
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