2012 Senate House Election Campaign


As a freelance Graphic/Production designer for Trade Media Partners, I was tasked with layout design and concepts for the direct mail campaign for Bernadette Semple’s campaign, which included a postcard and a letter. Starting with 5 original concepts, this layout was chosen, refined, and worked through to completion; this project included communication and collaboration with a project manager, art director, and copy writer.


The target audience was the 14th congressional district in New York City, which includes eastern Bronx and north-central Queens. The color palette and imagery was inspired by the attitude of the Bronx & Queens, asserting a strong violet/blue with iconic NYC imagery. The header, a bold and sturdy sans serif, is balanced with a strong but elegant serif to create an established, commanding presence.


Trade Media Partners, an advertising agency based in NJ






Photo retouching
One direct mail postcard layout
One direct mail letter layout

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I am a Graphic and Web Designer living in the NY/NJ area. I have received a total of eight consecutive years of education on graphic design with nearly six years of working as both a freelance designer and an in-house designer.

I started my journey to design at the rigorous Bergen Technical Institute, a high school which focused on strong technical skills. I was pushed in this direction after being fascinated by web typography, experimenting with HTML and CSS at the age of eight. I built this responsive portfolio site using my skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.



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