Verizon IoT Expo


As a contracted designer for Verizon's B2B Internet of Things project, I was tasked with heading the web and print deliverables for the Internet of Things Expo.

Pictured: Digital display signage for Verizon's booth

Newsletter HTML E-mail

I designed and build the newsletter utilizing my skills in HTML & CSS. Responzive and lightweight, I was able to build this e-mail from scratch within a day.

Pictured: newsletter e-mail on mobile

Verizon IoT Highlights: Print Signage

Print signage featureing Verizon's B2B IoT Highlights were needed for the IoT expo; I sourced on-brand images and worked with copy editors to produce the high-impact backlit posters.

Pictured: backlit print signage repurposed in Verizon's Basking Ridge HQ